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What is Bring Ambition?

The BRING AMBITION blog helps you maximize your potential, accelerate your personal and professional development, and perform optimally — whatever your area of expertise.


Our articles and resources will teach you about the psychology of peak performance, the art and science of learning, leadership strategy and tactics, how to turn your ambition into action, and much more.

Not sure where to start? Choose one of the categories below:

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Get Inspired

Stories and profiles to ignite your ambition

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Hone Your Focus

Tools and tactics to define your aspirations and identify focus areas

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Take Action

Strategies to solidify your goals and turn your ambition into action

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Accelerate Progress

Skills, habits, and challenges to navigate roadblocks and accelerate your progress


About the author: 


Hi, I'm Jon D'Alessandro and welcome to Bring Ambition.


I work in Talent Development in the private equity / financial services industry, training and coaching already high-achieving clients to optimal performance. I am also a solopreneur, and maintain this blog as well as its companion newsletter, the Bring Ambition Newsletter. Opinions are solely my own and do not express the views or opinions of my employer.

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