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Employees have less time and attention to spare than ever before, making it incredibly challenging to create compelling, relevant HR communications.


Even worse, most HR professionals have so much on their plate they don’t have capacity to manage multiple forms of written communication to managers, employees, and candidates.


As a career HR professional with experience in Investment Banking, Oil and Gas, and the Fitness industry, I’ve seen it firsthand!


But as a prolific freelance copywriter and content creator, I also understand what it takes to craft compelling copy – attention-grabbing HR communications that employees actually read, free of HR jargon, with specific takeaways or calls to action.


I have a depth of experience creating a range of management- and HR-related communications, including:


Job descriptions, postings, and advertisements

Newsletters (Training, Benefits, Wellness, etc.)

Leadership communications

Benefits communications

HR blog articles and content

Employer branding and value propositions

Employee surveys

Employee information guides, manuals, and training materials

HR products, solutions, and services

Copywriting for coaches, consultants, and freelancers

Social media content

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