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High Potential Coaching

High Potential Coaching (formerly and its companion newsletter explore the more unconventional, practical ideas you won't find in company-wide training programs — insights that will help you jump from your organization's upper quartile of performers to the top 1%.


You'll find articles that:

  • Distill leadership and professional development into practical 5-minute posts rather than 3-hour trainings

  • Deconstruct powerful transferable skills from a variety of domains to maximize your impact at work

  • Analyze the Psychology of Performance through both empirical research and real-world stories of elite performers 

  • Explore unconventional, often-overlooked skills and resources to help you accelerate your career

Not sure where to start? Choose one of the categories below:

About the author


Jon D'Alessandro is an experienced Executive Coach and Leadership Trainer in the Private Equity and Financial Services industry. He works with high potential leaders, entrepreneurs, and executives to accelerate their development, prepare them for new and expanded roles, and hone the skills necessary to achieve results in demanding, fast-paced environments.


Jon received his B.A. in Human Resource Management from Rutgers University, holds certifications in a number of psychometric tools (Hogan, Insights, MBTI, Tactical Behavior Assessment, etc.), and is completing Brown University’s ICF-Accredited Leadership and Performance Coaching Certification Program.


Jon maintains this blog and its companion newsletter, The Executive Coaching Newsletter. He is a former solopreneur and has two dogs named Larry and Olive.


Opinions are solely my own and do not express the views or opinions of my employer.

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